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I read it in the paper, I see it on TV.
"Hate" written on the front page, blood running down the screen.
Another dude is lying - pretending everything`s alright
while innocents keep dying and children learn to fight.
what the hell is going on?!
I wanna know, wanna know - tell me!
21 years of hope behind me.
21 years it's war that I see.
21 years and nothing's changed.
21 years who's to blame?
I'm ready to surrender, my head bangs against a wall.
The small fist in my pocket won't change the world at all.
I feel alone and helpless, my ideals fade away.
Trust and hope is gone and there's just one thing left to say.
But I don't wanna give up. So I'll speak up to you:
"Together we can change it, believe in me it`s true!"
Stand up and join the good side! I try to make you understand.
The only thing that stops me is that bullet in my head.

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