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hello, what is wrong with you?
and why do you argue about the things I do?
you'll never bring me on the "right way",
cause I don't wanna look the way you do!
I don't need your authority,
no fuckin' advices, your hostility
and I don't wanna know about you!
your awful speeches make me wanna cry.
it's deep inside of me, my will to be free!
so go out of my way. don't ask me to stay!
I've seen you sell your soul, striving for senseless goals.
so, why should I listen to you?
I won't lose my way and you'll see one day,
you'll look up to me. I set myself free and I'm running away
you won't lead me astray!
I break out again, yeah an this time I will make it to the end!
I know, you want the best for me.
you only want to help me out of this misery!
thank you! I'd better do it my way!
cause I won't ever act they way you do!
oh no, I can't hear it anymore,
you're telling all the things, I heard a thousand times before!
I think, I can decide on my own.
do me a favour and leave me alone!.

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