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Aye aye matey walk the plank
Shiver me timbers - just a prank
Where we stand the ground is never stable
Nobody is ever bored
Every night a different port
Peace as long as junk is on our table
All and as far the eye can see is easy prey
We'll take what we want and our family is out there on the sea
So sing along even though the words are wrong
Let the ocean and the waves carry you on
So hit the jack before we will burn your flag
We have set our sails forever and we're never coming back
Things can get quite rowdy there
Dirty hands and dirty beards
Punches fly and no ones feeling sorry
But afterwards to do the trick
We all dance the hempen jig
Pouring all our glasses til the morning
There ain't a place we would ever stay then on the water
All of our mates lost along the way are buried down there
We ain't scared of scallywags, scurvy dogs and other jacks
We will stand united and together
We might not have a set of teeth
But proud to be some buccaneers
Life for us just can't get any better
One little thing we can guarantee - we come like thunder
Loud and rumbling we are and we ain't going under, going under, going under

Text přidal Azazel-Andel

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