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I will not read the news today
Because my head is full of thoughts
About a dream that walked away
I never have fought
I am used to writing songs
About the feelings that I have
But it's not me writing at all
Only my heart is
I believe - life's keeping more for me
I believe - that there is more to see
I believe - this one won't have an end
I believe - yeah, I believe again
I will not call my friends today
Because my head is full of plans
A dream that once had walked away
Is back in good hands
Where is the boy I used to know
Seems like he's never been here
I wonder where he's gonna go
Oh what did I fear?
And so I burn my bridges down
I'll never come back here again
The bell rings for the final ground
I'll do what I can
I believe - this time I'll find a way
I believe - I'll make this feeling stay
I believe - this one won't have an end
I believe - oh believe again

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