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It's me against the world,
it's me against myself.
Where is the reason to stay sober?!
I look into your eyes.
Come on, give it a try.
We'll work it out, so let's start over.
This world is going down the drain,
indifference drives me insane,
the two of us alone again - alone again.
There's so much left to understand,
keep your head up and take my hand.
We're gonna get it right my friend.
Save me from this cloud above me.
Take me by your hand and you'll see
that i will do the same to you.
Save me from this cloud above me.
Take me back to happy endings
and i will do the same to you.
Wipe away your tears,
read between the lines.
Please let us talk the whole night away
Addicted to your words.
So, don't you say good bye.
We're gonna be first place in this game.

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