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As Long As I Got Chords - text

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Come help me to get rid of
All the needles in my head
Take'em to my gramophone
To scratch lullabies instead
I'll get along without you
I can live alone - so why can't you?
Why do you start anew?
I'm pretty sure I never asked you to
Hey nightmares and shadows there
I know that you are still around
Together with my headphones
I'll catch you to hunt you down
I'll get along...
And as long as I got chords
I will live on with a strong leaning towards
Healing my wounds
With these old tunes
And I'll sing along
Like a thousand times before
I will pump up the volume
And start to store
The energy
Somewhere in me
And I can't go wrong
I know I can't go wrong
A new crutch to ease the pain
Now it's way too loud for you
My demons - You're all in vain
And it's you that I subdue
Can you fell the rhythm?
If you do the hunt is on for you
You're unforgiven
And I'm sure you'll never start anew
When the heads are hanging low
I still got my stereo
It plays loud from 9 to 5
And it will keep me alive
Just a simple melody
It means everything to me
And again I got o choice
I breath in and raise my voice

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