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Its Definitely Gonna Be Great Hopefully - text


Hey there baby put your best shoes on
We’ll be dancing, dancing to the break of dawn
Even the bouncer smiles no need to start a fight
I am on the guestlist every single night

And these are the words I carefully planned on saying
But there is no human being next to the Xbox I’m playing

I get up – there’s no one on the phone
I get down – all by myself home alone

I need someone around
In need someone to praise
But noone ever stays

I need someone that I
Can easily amaze
But noone ever stays

And time is what I waste
When all I need is company
But noone ever stays

VIPs, vintage booze, 25 BMWs
like Tiger Woods cheating on his wife
like Michael Jackson back alive

But this room is the only friend of mine
24/7 extra time
No girl to show, no wheel to steer
so everytime I’m ending up in here
I’m always ending up in here
Except for me there’s no one here

Every night in my sleep I get up From my throne
And I wave to the crowd, I am never alone
Everyone cheers me on I can see in their faces
They’re almost as thrilled as the king of this place is

But when the night ends it is slowly occuring to me
That this might not be real that I might only see
How I desperately want my life finally to be
And I’m waking up all by myself
I am waking up all by myself

Text přidala Ruthiee

Video přidala Ruthiee

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