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The Greatest Reward - text


This is who we'are, the ones of sacrifice.
We will not be judged, for we have lost so much.
So let's go, to the deepest' place in your heart
and find the one thing that you want most,
would you give everything that you have just to taste it?
It begins to become something so much more than just a dream,
are you capable enough to capture it?
Even if you could take our world and take our lives,
and change hearts, and change time.
You would never see us more fulfilled, then we are now.
Waking up to the same scenery leaves me empty.
Doorways becoming heavier, hourly.
And I know, its just apart of getting older.
I remember when you sat me down, arm around my shoulder.
And you said "The greatest reward is of sacrifice"
Waking up to the open road, everyday, keeps me yearning.
Doorways becoming lighter, hourly.
This is who we are, the ones of sacrifice.
This is who we are the ones of sacrifice.

Text přidal DomikLesik

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