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Refusing To Live Under The Tyranny Of Others - text


I'm reaching out, for the first time.
This is my call to the world,
this is my call to the world.
I'm reaching out.
There will never be a last time.
Go and learn, because there's things in me
that I've seen, inside us all.
Now you will learn that its day to day,
that's how I've learned these things.
I'm reaching out.
And there will never be a last time.
This is my call to the world.
Seeing as your the giant and I'm just little me
I will just stand here in complacency
and not say a Fucking thing.
This is my life, my voice is to be heard.
This is a world that we all share,
I refuse to stand here,
towered with fear, any longer.
You are you and I am me.
That will always and forever be.
I refuse to live under your tyranny.
We're all here to live our lives,
I won't live in fear any longer.
It's the steps in life we take
that make us who we are.

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