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Broken Man - text


Take a look. Here is a broken man. Thousands of mistakes, now empty hands. So much left to give. (within this Iron vessel) There is a heart within. I have to make this change. Miles down the wrong roads lead to dead ends. A piece of glass within a frame, depicting a monster. Then I realize that's a mirror and it's me. A broken man.

This sound is killing me. It's flooded my ears, now it's poisoning. I will do anything. Just make it go away. Motherfuckers.

An Inhonest mistake over and over, I know that it's so painful, but it's all I know. I'm so faithfully in the red.

It's poisoned me. It's taking my insides and turning them out. I will do anything. Just make it go away.

I know that in your dreams you see this ideal version of me, and yes he is a better man, but I cant change me.

It is a fact, that this world had bigger plans for me, but by my own hands it seems, I will leave this small, sad, legacy.

Text přidal DomikLesik

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