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Oh how cruel can'this world be?
Can we grow? Can we learn? Can we breathe?
If I must lay myself to sleep, am I guaranteed?
Will I see? Another day upon this beautiful, pristine earth...
I have lived my life, my choices, exact. To a tee.
And no one can take that away from me.
Life. My life was comfortable.
Blind pride. The time has come for me.
Will I see? When the things change in this world,
we can't always change with them.
But look ahead, and find those things
that are brighter than our hearts, only at this time.
You and I understand, that what the future may bear
can never wear thin the callouses and what we have become.
Few are radiant in this world while most are fading.
I can see it in your eyes your captivated.
There comes a moment in each others lives,
where we must face the facts,
that the people we love, and the things we do,
can't always be the things that we strive for.

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