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A Martyr's Journey - text


Forever, is the focus, we've put on these dreams.
Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, is it worth it?
Is all this worth it? I can't be put to blame, for any of this.
It feels too good to runaway. I can't just runaway.
In desolation, I pick myself up everyday.
How the hell am I standing here?
And who had the say to spit me from the womb into this world?
I know I'm a martyr, I'm not asking for sympathy.
I have my life to live. The standards that I have are my own.
I won't, I can't join in. This is for me.
Few have tried so hard to reignite the blaze
we've held in our hearts for so long.
But those days are all long gone.
We will live our lives, because the one this world
has been living for us makes us sick inside.
Now I push these stones to you.
Take them from my chest and let the sight return to my eyes.
Let the air return to my lungs.
Take these things, that I carry, and let them push onto you.
Now you can feel the weight that I've carried, for years.

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