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Is this what happens
when her forgiveness turns to loathing?
Overlooked are the emotions she left unguarded
The key to her heart, is a dagger
The same, twisting in mine, rendering it useless
Her halo now burns, a symbol of everything I have stolen
All that was once holy now has been soiled, my one true love
Why do you forsake me?
The epitome of my ardency, has yielded yet another fallacy
These heart strings will never lay idle
As long as the angel whispers your name
Still three words have shattered everything
I have ever lived for, my tongue cauterized
For conveying a concept that was heard distorted
Twisted into sin, could you paint me a picture of misconception?
Would you leave me to burn amongst the wicked?

My love, my purgatorial amorist, you hold the dagger
Only you, plunge it deep within me, give me solace.

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