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As much to my dismay,
I am still alive today.
An ever wonder what it will take,
To fall asleep and never wake.
A crippling affliction of my nervous system.
Mediocre, overcomer.
I sit and speak the truth.
To a stranger I don't even know.
Provide me guidance, about my problems.
When I know the problem was you.
I'm scared to face this truth.
To break comfort, break away from you.
Hearts will heal, memories will fade.
Prescribe me meds to numb this pain.
As much to my dismay,
(To my dismay)
I am still alive today.
(Alive today)
An ever wonder what it will take,
(What will it take)
To fall asleep and never wake.
I'm learning, that hurting is better than suffering.
The addict in me, Is now letting go.
Let me go.
I won't hurt you no more.
I can't hurt you no more.
We've both hurt enough.
We can never take back all the things that we've said, or the things that we've done.
So please move on.
I needed help.
So I sought it, I found it.
I needed space.
So I left you, for solitude.
Passing through hell.
To find clarity, past suffering.
I know this hurts, I guess that's life.
Sometimes you have to hurt to find yourself.
So please move on.

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