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There´s a silent scream
A broken dream
She believed in lots of things
No more she will believe

There´s a frozen tear
Warmth´s disappered
Before her very eyes
No more tears she will cry

One more cloudy day
Not much to say
A sadness in the air
No more smiles she will share

Have to leave this place
The darkest haze
Is surrounding all her thought
She´s closing the door

You can hesr her screaming
You can hear her calls
Within her heart there´s feelings
And there´s lots of more

Now it´s time to see
Time to hear
Progression that we´ve done
And the things that we´ve become

Start another fight
A hopeless sight
Is this what we have learned
Is this what the earth has earned

She´s not weak
But her strength has limitations
God let her see the light
No man knows her destination
Her face is pale, pale white
And while the sky´s crying for her
We´re all crying for her
Too late - her fate
She´s dead and gone

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