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The Crownless Majesty - text


Eclipse of the morning star
The white snow was gently falling
Ablaze from the dragon’s scar
The kingdom was lost forever

A moment lost in time
Behold the newborn child

As the years past by
The chosen one arose
To reclaim his father’s realm

A war fought to claim the throne
A vision beyond your dreams
They honored the sacred stone
The brave ones who died that day

The crownless majesty will rise again

A glimpse of the dawning
The pilgrims have found their freedom

With pride and with honour
They marched into victory

The light from the sunrise
Is watching the earth still bleeding
A cold wind in mourning
His majesty has come

As nightfall comes to an end
The old moon is filled with silence
A wasteland so far away
The kingdom is whole again

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Crownless Majesty

Isengard ( Swe ) texty

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