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You hear the angels calling
Deep in your mind
The portals of dreams are open
What can you find?
In your imagination
Darkness kills light
The fire has no more meaning
Brightness is night

Sleeping so tight this night
Watch where you go

Running so fast you can
Never look back
The nightmares has open wide
Prepare for attack
Open up you’re eyes you’ll see
How strange it can be
Colors that is not known
Is this for real?

A journey to no mans land
Is waiting for you
The place that the journey has shown
A place that’s never been known
The land of the everlasting life

Waking up morning after
This cannot be true
The nightmares seen so real
This seems so pure
When you open your door you see that
Darkness is here
A dejavu in your mind
Now life is your fear

In the dark, you’ll see, you know
That nothing is for real
Or is it the way that it seems

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