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The time has shown now
It’s spinning fast
The lights are fading
Will this be the last?

The world is changing
No time will flow
The sun is shiver
It’s getting old

The night is tender
It will not leave
The fear is rising
It’s all you feel

No more time for laughter
Just time to fall
The angels crying
You hear your call

You fought your way well
Through good and bad
Your death is honered
It’s almost sad

But we’re all waiting
And we know why
The path is glory
Is to Die

It’s time to sail now
It’s time to go
It’s time to leave us
You’re coming home

We carry on now
With rough steel
The memories of you
The time will heal

The time has shown now
Life spinning fast
But in Valhalla
We’ll meet at last

Text přidal paja65

Crownless Majesty

Isengard ( Swe ) texty

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