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Heavy Metal Warriors - text


Tonight’s the night, it’s time for the show
Prepare for the metal attack
Gather the armies, it’s time to go
Our soldiers are all dressed in black

In the name of metal
We would lay down our lives

From far and wide we hear the call
For heavy metal claims us all
We stand together rise or fall
And though the battle rages on
The name of metal makes us strong
And we’ll forever sing our song

We shall be the ones victorious
For we are heavy metal warriors
See our metal shine so glorious
For we are heavy metal warriors

In the streets, we’ve come for a fight
You’re trapped and there is no way out
In denim and leather, we’re taking the night
Let me hear you stand up and shout

Your town lays in waste, our wheels hit the road
We now leave your city to burn
Onto the next one, again we must go
Just pray that we never return

In the name of metal
We would lay down our lives

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