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Cruising down the skyway
Right into the blue
I got my motor running
'Cause I'm right here with you
Come on, babe let's take a ride
Be devil-may-care
Point your fingers anywhere
And I will take you there

We need a break
From this nine to five
We need to feel
That we're still alive
Just count on three, babe
And we will be gone
Just you and me
One on one

We're on a hammerdown to freedom (freedom)
We'll know the exit when we see it (freedom)
Keep bringing the hammer down

Jack into socket
Psyched up to the max
Who cares about tomorrow?
Who cares about the past?
Hit the manual override
All warnings overruled
To hell with the devil
We know our hearts are true

We'll find adventure
Wherever it hides
Just for the moment
It's good to be alive
Breaking with rat race
Was long overdue
We got all we need, babe,
Just me and you

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Iron Savior texty

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