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Break It Up - text


Out of money and out on the streets
this wasn't your dream
thought you'd make it high to the top
but stumbled in between
wanted to catch a piece of the action
you couldn't resist
bought a ticket to another dimension
where troubles don't exist

Unleashing the creature that rules your mind
it hits you like thunder dragging you under
can't you see you're losing control

Dangerous joys - shot right through the brain
gonna crack you up drive you insane
Dangerous joys - running through your veins
gonna wrack you up please break it up
Break it up

Flying high on borrowed illusions
you're playing with fire
Being dominated
by obsessing desire

The fever is rising it's like a disease
can't you see you're down on your knees

Dangerous joys...
Dangerous joys...

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Video přidala Smirnoff

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