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33 dead, must of got up on the wrong side of the bed
23 years old, bought his weapons from home
with just one simple click

Families cry, "Why did our children die?"
Is the killer all to blame?
The innocent pay when the USA sends gun reform to the grave

In America, why is it so simple?
With their agenda, now a devious bastard can carry out his wrath

Two examples, two examples, two examples

Are you next?!

12 people dead, a lunatic killer with his hair dyed orange red
24 years old, armed head to toe, thanks so much Mr. Heston
How many have died, society's blind, is this madman all to blame?
Such a disgrace, now they have a place, in the asshole hall of fame

In America, why is it so simple?
With this agenda, now these devious bastards can carry out their wrath

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