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Eye of the Storm - text


With the speed of the storm, in the dark of the night
We come without warning and leave with the light
All that we live for, and all that we know
Is just one more voyage into battle we go

The fury that rages inside of my heart
Can take you to heaven or tear you apart
We are the island and we stand alone
And we contradict all that you've ever known

As we go sailing in
Into the eye of the storm

Wolves upon the ocean in search of bigger prey
We always stand victorious when dawn begins the day
In armor and in leather, our battle-ax in hand
We sail across the ocean invading foreign lands

We sail on uncertain, destiny in the wind
The battles in the atr, its the message we send
We are the fury and we bring the pain
When the battles is over, only we will remain

As we go sailing in
Into the eye of the storm

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