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Death Eludes Me - text


Before today, before they died
They said good-bye their mothers cried
Their lovers kissed and turned way
Knowing who would die today

I tread across the blood soaked ground
The soldiers corpses scattered 'round
The empty eyes and silent screams
Quite prayers and empty dreams

And I seek death, and death eludes me

The wars I've fought and the battles I've won
To stand where I stand upon this hill
The many I've killed and the evil I've done
And all of the blood that I have spilled

And I seek death, and death eludes me

They screamed my name and charged ahead
Now ravens feast upon the dead
For my beliefs, they died for me
I promised them a victory

The bitter lessons to be learned
As I loo down on cities burned
The pride that kills and firends betrayed
I'm damned to live another day

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