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( a Twisted Recess of Mind) + Forsaken .. - text




death unfolds beneath this sun
wasted breedings expire in one
causing lasting delusion
in forsaken relations left behind

deterioate the abject existence...
which incapacitates...
the wonderful soul to last...
when insanity tears our ways apart...
time increases...
forsaken ones...
abusing the prospect to live in sanity...
moribund state...
reminder of my vanity...
turns to selfdestructive haze...
forsaken ones...

devoid seeking human quality
that seems lacking in our excursion
burning waters, fervent pain
mirrors screaming, dark reproach

words that you speak
leave a trembling fear in me
emersion of shallows sympathy
forsaken souls now will fall as one
never saw the sun

black is filling all sights out there
plaguesome spots, blinding fear
writing r.i.p. after everyone
empty eyes, swallowed death insane

(repeat chorus)

haunting the substantial healthy remains
rampageously fading away
resistance so hopelessly, experience fate
harvest, unending decay

taste forbidden fruits
live out your rampant desire
covered with symptoms confirming end
as the tone in your voice expires

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