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Absurd Temptation - text


back in the days of misleading thoughts
hopelessly lost
try to refuse it, but it's no use
with emotions tossed

enfold your double standard ways
that i have observed
just stop your masquerade, 'cause it's all too late
my contempt serves

can't live with this...
absurd temptation...
break free from this...
self condemnation...

such extreme emotions generate hate
and expelled naivety
extinguish the light
i've seen in this bitch
it somewhat blackens explicitly

conceiving myself
that the open wings
were a trustful sign of hope
desperately seeking some kind of confident
but with such things it's hard to cope

left with this dishartening sensation
that with time leads to selfdisdain
another part of my soul is conquered by the desert
which leaves only bitterness to remain

slowly executed are the hopes
as this hibernation seems eternal
staring at the light above
searching for the stairs with the access

robbed by anxiety
emotions so battered untold
festered my destiny
eternal disgust fills my mocking soul

consume the tempters hidden world
that cleanse so fake
realize the mess
that oneself made
o, tempt his ways

(repeat chorus)

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