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Compose yourself
This is not another drill
The ship is finally sinking
This time we're going under

If you could see what I see
You too would have been deceived
If you ever believed in me
Like I believed in you
Stability would guide us through
You are the way
Why could my eyes not see?
What could my ears not hear?
Why could my mouth not say the words
I wanted to say to you?
Is this the final straw?
Is this a call to arms?
Abandon ship was the only option

Let's go away to a different place
I'll give you everything
Let's start again at a different pace
I know it's not to late
Let's drift away to a different place
I'll give you everything

We're going under (x2)

Now I'm standing on my feet
Waves crashing down on me
But I am moving forward

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