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We are one.
Will you ever understand?
You'll learn the hard way.
Will you ever understand?
It's not about you.

I always told you not to stray away.
All alone this world will make you pay.
Together, we are one,
Together we are forever.

Two forces, turned to one;
Coalition to reach the sun.
The path is straight,
My footsteps pave the way.
This light will lead you home,
You wont be on your own.

Together we are one,
Together we are forever.
There is no leader,
There is no king.

They'll pick you apart
If you are struggling.
These towers are too high,
Too high to overcome.

This is no worthless cause.
This is a synergy,
From a power that you could not believe.

My mind is pacing,
My heart,
Is beating faster,
Than it ever has.

We are forever,
And ever,
And ever,
And ever.

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