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I have a message to send, to a world that doesn't want to hear it.

Stop walking backwards into the dark.
"Who's on my side?"
I find myself asking this question far too often when I,
I see a depiction of myself, but is this who I'm supposed to be?

I'm not answering questions anymore.
If I had a voice, I'd use to fill the void
If I had a cure, I swear to god I never tell the world.
The hands of time, the grains of life.
The hands of time, the grains of life.

It hurts to know they work side by side.
And when my life comes to an end, it's up to you to never forget.
In a life I never asked for, I can see the ancestry in me.

I still have this message to send, the family tree is dead to me.
I felt love for the first time when I stopped expecting it from the ones I held so high.
I felt hope in my bones for the first time when I walked in my own direction.
Return to sender.
Return to sender

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