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Captive (ft. Brandon McMaster of The Crimson .. - text


Where perfection resides
In all of us, somewhere inside
Normality is a common mistake
Where contentment should take its place
Carrying on is the hardest part
When we've been shot to the ground
A heart on fire can change anything
Find your flame
Take this to heart
Cause we are enabled
I will not back down

You've made your peace
With the need to be free
Break your chains
And I will let this be
Your mind was taken captive
By the thought of being alone
With hope, you're never alone

I swear, you will see light again, again

Take my eyes
And show me the things I cannot see
This is my dream, this is all I see
Beauty surrounds, yet all we see is ruin
Beauty surrounds, yet all we see is ruin
It's all we see

It's all for you
It's all for you, my world

All intention will be set apart
Contemplation - Decide what to learn
Realization - How we must conform
To the change of this world
Make your dreams reality

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