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Open your ears, my friends
This sound is all too real
Open your minds, my friends
Only the sky is secure

See now what we missed before?
We weren't blind, just stubborn
Our minds grasp so little
Yet hold on to so much

Take down your barricade
This is all too real
And it's much too late
Let go of everthing
This is your last chance to escape

I am the atmosphere
Gravity surrounds me
You are the ground beneath
Tragedy, deceiving

When will we understand?
We never really were aware
Our surroundings were the sign
And now we're out of time
Sound the sirens
Disaster strikes when we least expect it
This world is not ours
(This world is not ours)

This is not our home
We are all alone
This world is not ours

So take me to this place
Where I can find my peace
Because there's nothing for me here
No, there's nothing for me here
I want to find my place
Where peace finds me
There's nothing more me here
No, there's nothing for me here

Asphyxiation (x2)

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