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Jack in a Box - text


Stuck on an island of sorrow
You can't find your way
Then buried to the darkness
There's no night and day
It's a place where people get blown into
If don't behave
Cried for mommy and daddy, but much too late!
Much too late
Much too late

Straight ahead you see lights in the distance
They don't seem to fall
You think there's hope, but yet they fool you
They're the lights of war
You can try and claw your way out
You can try and escape
But my friend, just stop trying
'Cause it's much too late…
Much too late

Like a jack in a box they tie you
with a string to pull you back, ee-eeh
Never be free, never believe
Be the one I pick upon death
Dress up like a fascicle, cause them bol they don't get you nowhere
Just wipe off your smile at home and hide
Take that to your grave

Much too late
Much too late

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