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Home, take me where I belong
Fix me when I’ve been wrong
Don’t let me find a way out

Come, find me when I feel lost
Believe me when I can’t even trust
In who I’m becoming now

See through my life
It can’t be lived by only one

Dance with every step we take
And reach beyond horizons far away
Just live, don’t think

And fight with lost and won days
Let’s not be drowned by old regrets
Of what we could have been… if not

If I shall live long
I wish to be with the one I’ve found today
I believe there’s much more
Than what’s around us every day

Chasing moments in the future we’re to get
Freezing seconds to remember the road away

See trough the stars
Far behind the plans
We thought we had to keep every dawn
To the future as the point of no return
Every tear, every smile we give for any reason
To trust in you all the days to come forever on

Unbreakeable, untameable, now walk over the lines
We draw before

It’s untameable, let’s take over the days we’ve lost
And bring them back again

Unbreakeable, untameable, now let’s walk through dreams
We used to share

Forgivable, forgetable, we’ll be growing fine from our mistakes

Unbreakeable, untameable
There’s nothing else but you and me

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