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This Is How We Lose (Katy Perry - This Is How.. - text


This Is How We Lose ft. Badministrator

Queuing up all day, losing ain't fun, but I keep on playing
5 pushing down mid, you’re alone, but you still insist on staying
Why'd you run in 1v5 acting like your a super saiying?
The hell’s this, the hell's that, I think your build is gonna need explaining

The plays are real
The dive is real
The T.P. is real
Is this guy for real?

This is how we lose, yea, playing like that, too heavy and your Breaking my back
This is how we lose, this is how we lose
This is how we lose, yea, talking in chat, when you should have been aware of the map
This is how we lose, this is how we lose

You say that you’re going ham but you end up a salty salami
Barely got one creep, then recalling again, for the 10th time “Beam me up Scotty”
I can tell that you’re trying hard being that bad just doesn't look easy
First tower taken when you backed then you're spamming chat like It’s over, GG

Hit the Rift looking crisp like Lays Chips
Never have just one kill cause I play to win
But every game get a team full of lame kids
Let the blood flow, it's prom night, I'mma Carrie this

First blood, top lane said he wants to quit
My support hates Wards more than Agent Fitz
Turtle up, don't die, let me try to split
I can 2v1 if them come, I got lots of crit

Try a fight 4v5 and of course they lose
All chat; "report Badmin, he's a noob"
"We only lost this game cause he never groups"
Don't get mad, just tab and press all the mutes

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