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Server's Down (Capital Cities - Safe and Soun.. - text


I was six kills up
I can carry my entire team
Just try to stop my killing spree
Wait, why am I stuck?
I keep trying to click on the ground
I think the server might be down

The server's down

I was all farmed up
All this gold that I had tried to save
will end up being such a waste
This is just my luck
but I'm checking my connection now
I think the server might by down

(Server's down)
The server's down
(Raging now)
The server's down

I can't reconnect
For the second time I'm relogging
In hopes to fix my maxed out ping
What did I expect?
I don't know if I should stick around
I'm sure the server must be down

Hey, the game's back up
How the hell did they all get 18?
Why did nobody else DC?
We're catching back up
Yeah, I'm pushing and we're Nexus bound
Oh crap! once more the server's down

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