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On Top Of A Ward (Imagine Dragons - On The To.. - text


If you want to jungle
Better not let me down ‘cause
I’m giving up my favorite role to you

Bot’s waiting to leash Krugs but
You insist on starting Raptors
Then you back before your red and blue

Why don’t you have a trinket?
They saw you move down river
You’re wasting your time, they see you

It’s safe to say you’ve let me down...

‘Cause you’re on top of a ward
Been standing on it for awhile now
Your ganking skills are the worst

He’s always “saving" his smite
Say’s he needs it to fight
We havent gotten a Dragon
You gonna stand there all night?
You’re on top of a ward

How did you get that border?
You haven’t helped a single lane out
You come to gank and die for nothing

I hope his smite is not up
‘Cause I gotta steal my own buffs
He must be trolling us or something

Ya, This game is hard, we can turn it around
Amumu can’t do much, a’least he’s playing it out
Group up now, group up

Ya, we all just died but he made it out
Then got a pentakill and I don’t know how
They gave up wow, they gave up

Text přidala Cecil2000

Video přidala Cecil2000

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