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King Of Crowd Control (Years & Years - King) - text


I feel like winning some ranked games tonight
So I think it’s time
I play the tankiest diver alive
Cause’ I gotta try

The Titan of the depths
My anchor never rests
I’m hooking onto you
Not gonna let you move
You’re trapped in the Riptide
You struggle to survive
I’ll keep you locked down every fight

I am the king of crowd control
I'm gonna keep all you stunned and slowed
I won’t let you go…
So let's fight

If you think that you can duel me and kite
You’re out of your mind
When my ult’s seeking there’s nowhere to hide
Get’s you every time

I’m making sure this anchor weighs you down
Ya, there’s no chance that you could ever carry a fight

Text přidala Cecil2000

Video přidala Cecil2000

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