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Instalok ft. Blakinola - Cosmic Bind (Pitbull.. - text


If there’s a threat across the map you know he’s gonna show
Collecting his chimes while on his way to roam
His tempered fate is up
It’s dropping from above
He’ll freeze you in time
Then his team follows up
(Hey, It’s goin’ down)

Placing his “Caretaker’s Shrines”
Stunning with his “Cosmic Binds"
(Hey, it’s goin’ down)

Protecting Runeterra using all he’s got
And when the time comes he’s engaging the fights
Gettin' all the shrines man, who needs pots?
You ain’t gonna lose tonight
Just like sona, he 'aint gonna talk
Full team Zhonyas, what a cock block!
His first hit’ll slow ya, the second one’ll lock
Everybody portal if you’re caught
Attack with Meeps like Pikmin
Wait a few seconds and throw ‘em again
Wandering around placin' health packs
He’s the caretaker, call him Baymax
You ask if imma support and i’ll say, “Yes”
Cause I got my homie Bard and he’s the best


Cruisin through the rift, pickin up chimes
Don't you worry about ganks, cause i'm always on time
Catch a couple health packs, you won't regret it
Yeah you the patient, cuz bard is your medic

Nami and graves, lane is so hectic
Jungle campin bot, so we better respect it
Incoming gank turn around and STOP (bard ult)
Outplayed so strong, goin straight to the top

Gonna leave lane, i gotta go roam
Stackin up chimes so i'm in my zone
You can meet the meeps, pretty cool bros
Splash damage to the face and they keep you slowed

Come on let's go, got a game to win
Pop talisman so we're goin all in
A cosmic protector, a force like no other
TL;DR he's up in this mother, it's goin down


Everybody gonna get ulted
I said everybody gonna get ulted
When his Tempered Fate is up
Don't give up
He's saving us
Keeping us alive

Text přidala Cecil2000

Video přidala Cecil2000

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