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Filthy Casuals (Maroon 5 - Animals) - text


No, I’m not trying to be polite
When I say you're playing like
Filthy Casuals

Stick to the Meta and you’ll be fine
Otherwise you’re just wasting time
you’re a casual
I wanna win

So what if I like trying things
Playing the same stuff, gets boring
Lemme play Wukong with my items blue

I’ll jungle with Akali
Or maybe go bot as Master Yi
Now I’ll spice it up with a Tri-Force nunu

Who ever said that we need an AD?
We could both jungle, just you and me
We can try different strategies
There’s more than one way of playing "League"

Even when losing making it count
We can still have fun just playing around
Why don’t you just believe in me
(hell no)

So if I’m fed, its not enough
To prove that these champ’s don’t really suck?
Half health their team with a single shroom
Let’s make our team Invisible
Cool comp’s don’t make us “Casuals"
Ya, we can do what we wanna do

I don’t know why
I have to try
Every time
In normals

This ain’t normals


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Video přidala Cecil2000

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