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Dunkmaster Darius (Davis Guetta - Dangerous) - text


New skin is out
I had my doubts
That it would ever see the light
Ripped from the ground
His hoop swings around
And he's scoring every time

He’s running up and pulling you in
He’s slowing you and spinning to win

When you see the balls are burning
You’ll be hurting
while you’re bleeding out
And now its time…

What's falling like a meteor above?
A master of the dunk, it’s Darius
Resetting ‘cause one dunk just ain’t enough
Taking down your team is what he does

He’s in the zone
There’s no “free throws”
Dunk on you from the 3 point line
Come on and slam
You wanna jam?
He’ll take you on anytime

He's Darius
Playing to carry the game

Text přidala Cecil2000

Video přidala Cecil2000

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