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Charging In To Fight (Calvin Harris - Blame) - text


He’s remade and
With some new tricks up his sleeve

Axe is hurting
Shield is bursting
But there's a few more things to see

He’s charging in the fight
He’s building up speed
He’s building up speed
Get ready to collide
Nowhere to retreat
Nowhere to retreat

Wait, he just flew by
He missed the whole team
Then tackled the trees
He couldn't turn in time
He missed the whole team
He didn't succeed
That ult is op

some are thinking that he’s
Overated and weak
but have you even seen his score

He’s kicking when he crits
And when he dies he lives
Throwing minions like they’re rocks

Oh Sion's ulting down lane
Cant get away
Oh I'm sure that hes gonna hit us this time

Text přidala Cecil2000

Video přidala Cecil2000

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