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Buckshot (Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk) - text


His kit
Is pure gold
A burst kiter
With muscle
Big guns and a red cape
That hair shape… straight Wolverine!

He’s gonna make you look silly
Won’t take harm
His jukes are hotter than a bowl of chili

Ya go bot (hot damn)
Ya just got there, now you’re backin’, man
Ya buy pots, (hot damn)
Need a drink to get through this lanin' man
Ya get shot, (hot damn)
Lose the trade when he’s goin' ham
Ya get caught, (hot damn)
Stop going bot ya big dummy

Quickdraw he’s commin' to ya
Smokescreen is gonna screw ya
Every chance he’s gonna duel you
‘Cause that shotgun's gon' give it to ya
Look at your health and now watch it drop
Can’t believe that buckshot

Stop, wait a minute
He’s afk, maybe you can win it
He’s taking hits, close to death
(Nevermind! He never left...)
You can’t outrun, collateral damage, are you kidding?
But don’t give up, just chill out
maybe you can catch him splittin’

Before you fight that guy
Let me tell you a little somethin’
Graves gon’ buck you up

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