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Metamorphosis - text

Work that
Ground warm
Clip off
This amount of head gonna get you wet
We talking bangers
You took it to bed
Seek 'em underwear covers moonlight
Yeah we're over here
taking the spotlight
That's how my life gonna get satisfied
We testify

Metamorphosis (4x)

New wave
Silver surfer
Friday to Sunday
Let the sun dance blinded by sunrays
Too hazy for some better source shade
Seek 'em when they're done
Put them to shame
Witness the fitness olympic games
Get the gold
More money
More power
They still swallowing
while we devour

Metamorphosis (4x)

Insects, spiders and vultures
We hatch them
Fry up with soldiers
It's concious while you demote us
We're plotting
Take over cultures
We spread like wildfire blazing
We chase them eternally racing
Push come to shove
Give them fluoride
Engage the third eye

Why you sling your hook ?
Go on, give it up
Let me sing the hook
Don't give a ***
Give the runaround to brothers out of luck
They struggle now
Selling for pence
Not pounds
The Cheque's bounced
I'm out
What they wanna spray tins in the bins ?
Gag'em with the mask
Kill'em with the bass
That's a bigger taskforce
for you to master,Chef
Can you be the boss of your destiny and master it ?

Metamorphosis (4x)

Taste it
So hungry in this mother
I can taste it
So hungry in this mother
I can be the one bullet in the gun
If some greedy mofo's eclipsing your sun

Metamorphosis (6x)

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