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Betrayed by your faith in deceiving Gods,
If you want to feel alive
come and join our creed
There's nothing like redemption,
you prayed in vain
Come here and feel new life through
your veins!

All the prayers I've been taught were
just placebos
Never sacrifice yourself to the man made gods
(915 corpses)

Give up your hope in heaven, paradise is here
Don't believe you are the lost sheep,
cause the Shepherd is you
Losing all your devotion, you will be free
Come join our revolution and be the King!

The hell I saw in the bible was real life
Paradise is just a lie for the lost ones
(915 corpses)

Utopia is not a dream, it's all our future
Something to build in life (915 corpses)

Come and get your slvation
Cyanide in your veins!!

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