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Sweet Destroyer - text


Sweet, sweet destroyer
my blood started running wild
Terrified, electrified,
I was the little child

You'd spread your fire
you'd filled me up with heat
my heart was burned
your feelings turned
what's left are memories

I stand in the rain,
tears are falling down

Sweet, sweet destroyer,
what have you done to me
you'd played your cards
to reach my heart
I was too blind to see

Pleasure fullfilled me
when you were by my side
I realized your deadly lies
your love is just for hire

I stand in the rain,
tears are falling down

Blood'n'fire I feel the pain
no one told me how I should behave
'cause deep inside my heart
the flames they burn so hot
you sweet destroyer are passing through my veins

Sweet, sweet destroyer
inside you're cold as ice
Sweet, sweet destroyer
someday you'll pay your price

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