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Eye To Eye
Still I have a dream of living in between
two realities - confusion inside of me
Beauty but a beast, sinner but a priest
(like a) dream within a dream - and fate is calling me

No longer human, I only thought I can't come back
But I desire to be the one I left behind
I still recall this painful day
When death has cut our common way

b) IT
Like a shadow on the verge of darkness - IT appeared in the night
(As) if our spirits got together - (and) if only a body died
No one heard our cry, one shot - our blood
gotta wait a year, gonna get'em here - get them here!

If IT shares death, the story is told
IT will come back, (from) out of the cold

Like a shadow still in black returning - I can see through IT's eyes
The avenger is coming nearer - and he's longing for your lives
No one hears your cry, (IT) wants ya- (IT) gets ya
Then IT disappears, leaving you in fear - got ya here!

If IT shares death, the story is told
IT will come back, (from) out of the cold

Did not know what happened in the night when I awoke I heard IT's call (silent call)
(I) got to understand that I'm the one to take revenge for our love (our love)
World now just appears in black and white like in IT's eyes, (so) don't you know (you don't know)
It ain't just a game like run and hide but eye to eye and you're alone (all alone)

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Insania (Ger) texty

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