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It's Triv - text


Bang on niggas like its 84
Told yo Set if you come back
That I'll pound these niggas
I don't give a fuck where da nigga
From you run up talkin dumb and I'll drown these niggas
Got some lil homies that'll clown you niggas
Run up in the vacant block I ain't a bitch
Hit a mother fucker with a missile at a nigga pistol if a nigga really want the ignant shit
All by myself with the homies gone
I walk into a room full of gangsta niggas
Back to the wall with the niggas all muggin only a matter of time before I bank a nigga
Fuck what you thought I'm a sick nigga
Real with the shit like a fuckin man
The bitch shows up wit another nigga?
Good luck that's a bitch I can't fuckin stand
Niggas who be ackin all tough and shit
You know the ones who be thinkin they be buff and shit
Last year nigga was a lil too skinny
Nigga just the right size for my slug to hit
Just the right color for the bloods to get
Posted outside with the infa green
Beam on a nigga while I lean on a nigga with the hollow tips on the AR15
Should I really just get this nigga
Hit em wit a Mac
Hit em in the back
Never that
Put em in a sack then
Zip this nigga
Have the lil homies just zip this nigga
Pick em up then dip this nigga
Fuck what you talkin bout
Drag a nigga but nekkid all
Through the set then split this nigga

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Insane,Twisted texty

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