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Power from the Center of the Cosmic Black Spi.. - text

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Cosmic wars of ancient ones, temples flood in a lake of blood
Portal to a distant star, astral cave from where they flew
Shining rays through astral caves, darkness opens to the eyes
Forest of gleaming stars, ancient rays of wizard fire
Smash those of the gleaming light
Blast feeble temples of sand
God rise as pillars crumble
Blessed sacred those of the night
Golden stars that shine - stellar rays on towers -
in the heavens spawning - serpents from the thrones
From the dust of stars - gods unleash the slaves -
bring them down to earth - as servants to the realm
Creatures from the lands - where the lizards fly -
and fire is the breath - turning into stars
Constellations form - into cryptic symbols -
guiding those who fly - through the astral sea
Serpent of the sun, spiral in the skies... burning
Power from the law of nature and the gods... rising
Eagle from the stars with the skin of snakes... flying
Distant cosmic eyes in the form of stars... gleaming

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