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Set Me Free - text


The freeze of those distant smiles
Creates in me a pale
Image for my offering in time
Just call my name
Make me feel again
Some way delight
Take my hand
Let me gaze through your mind
And sleep in your heart
I pretend that I'll find something inside
Shelter me from these disturbing signs
When the crowd sleeps so far away

Taste the cold of my disgrace
Drown me in your plaint
Now there is nothing left to say
Set me free again

I was naked of feelings
And so empty of love
The truth seemed so bitter
I thought that I'd found them
But some glances to nowhere
Tear down the wall&of all of my hopes

So alone with the cold shade of your face
Bordering your name in a tortured daze
Still betrayed from this inclusive dream
Which escape from my captive brain

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