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Midnight Call - text


Lines of falling stars remarking a gliding trace
Shortly cover the sky, and rain upon our face
As the midnight comes we see pale blue lights ahead
Wisdom lost in space sweeping all the dreams we had

Oh, no a point of time not the same for all
So follow on to find the crown we've lost
Oh, no we all wait when the night will fall

We are here for the midnight call
We run for the midnight call
That will save us forever.

We feel unsafe but believe that our hopes won't fail
For all those years that have passed we ignored
if the ship would sail
And though our youth has elapsed something silently
unlocked our hearts
The nightingales sing for us about the plans
and the new day that comes

And like a child in our arms
We hold our dreams with despair
They are lying deep in our hearts
Guiding us to our promised land

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